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Kittens and Cats with Hannah Shaw, aka "Kitten Lady"

Join us for a 2-hour workshop led by Hannah Shaw, renowned as the "Kitten Lady." This comprehensive session provides a thorough overview of the care and protection of neonatal kittens. Whether you're a beginner or looking to elevate your care skills, Hannah's workshop covers all things kitten in an accessible and engaging manner. Learn best practices and gain valuable insights into fostering and nurturing our tiniest feline friends! This ticket also includes entry to the afternoon motivational keynote speaker session, which will be led by Hannah Shaw herself.

Dog Foster and More

This learning track offers a variety of classes within a 2-hour time frame, allowing you to choose up to three sessions that best suit your interests and needs. Options include dog-specific classes like "Dogs 101," which covers crate and leash training, as well as more general and mixed species classes such as pet first aid, body language and behavior 101, socializing and marketing your foster pet, advanced medical care, and more. Tailor your experience to enhance your fostering skills and knowledge!